OPTIMISES Your Outlets

Planogram Creation with custom rules in seconds

HIVERY Curate is a tablet friendly application that allows one to generate planograms within just a few clicks. WIth HIVERY Curate sales representatives can generate, save and print planograms for a range of convenience retail outlets including: small retail stores, cafes, quick service restaurants, but also for coolers placed near the checkout at big box retailers, in an office, at the gym and other locations.

Planograms made in seconds

Use your own business rules to generate planograms with these features


Create a planogram in just a few clicks. Our simple interface makes it easy for anyone to create and customize a planogram in seconds.


Run several “what-if” scenarios to see the impact and collaborate with the outlet owner.


Edit and incorporate business rules and constraints to ensure realistic and operational planogram designs.


HIVERY Curate is tablet friendly, so you generate your planograms right in front of your customers.