Message from Jason Hosking, HIVERY CEO

Welcome to HIVERY

Jason Hosking
Joining HIVERY

Exciting and challenging at the same time

Joining a new company is electric, challenging and scary. I know because I have been there - we all have! Its part of any career journey.

There is no denying the excitement that comes to important life changes like a new job, but rest assure we are part of the one team with one dream to make your experience a rewarding and this company great.

A new job is not just a new beginning at a role; it is a path to new relationships, new ideas and new skills that you will use in this and the next chapters of your career. I just hope its with HIVERY for the most part, but understand there are new opportunities appear as well that are just too good to ignore. Regardless, we are honoured your sharing this time with us.

So welcome to family, as from today you are a HIVERIAN.

Feel to personally reach out to me.

Employee handbook

Story of HIVERY and more

Four of us founded the company in 2015 based on simple $50K experiment on 60 vending machines in Newcastle, NSW with Coca-Cola Amatil and today we stand 45 plus strong in 3 countries. This experimental mindset continues to flourish and is part of our values today We developed this Hiverian Handbook to get you acquainted with HIVERY before you start.

Benefit flyer

What is it like being a HIVERIAN?

From benefits, cool merchandise to fitness reimbursements, as a HIVERIAN we like spoil our people. Download this flyer which explains all our employee benefits, and rest assured, this list is always being revised and new items being added.