AI is changing category management

Watch this short video and see how...

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Gartner Research: Emerging trends in retail and how artificial intelligence is accelerating this

Retail CIOs can leverage artificial intelligence to capture deeper insights, anticipate customer needs and proactively deliver across every touchpoint

Forrester Research: AI In retail needs to start at the backend with smart automation

According to Forrester Research, retailers should focus on backend and augment decision making with smart analytics to frequently asked questions

What new capabilities required to remain relevant and indispensable to your retailer

We often hear that the future of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and retail sectors begins with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and that technology is disrupting the industry today

Product information

HIVERY Curate Download

HIVERY Curate is a category management tool that leverages Artificial intelligence and operations research techniques to optimize shelf space and assortments – reducing the time involved in category relays from months to hours. HIVERY Curate incorporates your own unique business rules and constraints. Augmenting your decisions instantly.


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