HIVERY software engineer about mamba mentality and why a growth-mindset trumps a result-mindset

At HIVERY we believe in building your personal brand.  We want our people to be leaders of today and tomorrow.  It’s why we encourage all our people to share their expertise for others to benefit.

In this podcast episode of Scientific Mavericks, you can learn about:

• The importance of keeping a healthy body, mind and how good habits during your university life will make you a competent software engineer during your work life;

  • Why getting fantastic results at university may not be the best strategy for your future career as a software engineer;
  • His inspiration behind Kobe Bryant Mamba mentality in a quest for “infinite curiosity” in self;
  • Why you should not compare yourself with others BUT compare yourself with yourself;
  • Great list of references for any software engineer to get into the right mindset (some might feel counter-intuitive);
  • Why having outstanding technical skills are not enough for you to succeed as a modern-day software engineer.



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