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How AI is changing category management, generating store-level "snowflake" assortment & space strategies & recommendations

AI, Assortment Planning, and Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain disruptions continue to impact retailers, and they keep coming. From the Omicron variant to worker shortages, each disruption stacks up. Container shipping costs have even risen as much as 212%!

With unpredictable markets, keeping inventory stocked has become harder than ever. The pandemic has highlighted how traditional retail planning is not good enough. Retailers need a method to achieve success in such a market.

AI modeling, assortment planning and selection, and agile contingency plans are powerful tools. Breaking free from supply chain disruptions is possible with these tools. Continue reading to learn more about the new paradigm in retail planning!

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AI, Assortment Planning and Supply Chain Issues: What to Know

The world’s first truly hyper-local category management solution

HIVERY Curate is a category management tool that leverages artificial intelligence and operations research techniques to optimize shelf space and assortments – reducing the time involved in category relays from months to hours. No more dreaded relay process and rapid category scenario planning.

The planograms generated by HIVERY Curate are all space-assortment aware and can incorporate your own unique business rules and constraints.

Augmenting your decisions instantly.

Lead category management transformation

With HIVERY Curate, its simple: Your client's data + Our AI = True store-level assortment & space recommendations

Industry research and insight

Webinar: Leveraging AI towards locally relevant shelves

Webinar: Leveraging AI towards locally relevant shelves: Why data has a better idea about your store clusters

We all know that the right assortment in the right space and in the right stores can drive the most value. Locally relevant planograms, while in theory, it may sound great; in practice, it can be very time-consuming

Four (4) shifts in supermarket space that is going to change retail forever

Recognized as “The Supermarket Guru”, Phil Lempert is one of America’s leading consumer trend-watchers and analysts on consumer behavior, marketing trends, new products and the changing retail and supermarket landscape.

The bullwhip effect distorts demand signals and makes forecasting nearly impossible. Here is how AI can help

Bullwhip Effect and Current Retail Supply Chain Issues

We often hear that the future of Consumer Packaged Goods and retail sectors begins with Artificial Intelligence (AI), but how exactly can AI shift category management.

Forbes names HIVERY was as a leading innovator in the retail tech industry

HIVERY was recently named as a leading innovator in the tech industry by Forbes.

The article highlights HIVERY as a leader and provides an example of AI application in today’s retail business world.

Podcast: Shifts in category management and how AI is being used and more

Among other topics, Zach explores the "snowflake" effect of product categories and space; how each store is so different (as a snowflake), yet when it comes to space assortment, the retail industry continues treating each store and their SKU supply the same.

Podcast: Science of retail optimization & methods we use

Mark Lawrenson

Mark Lawrenson has graduated with honours in mathematical applications and was previously a researcher at CSIRO/Data61. In this podcast he explains the science of optimization methods; the science of finding the best alternatives from many alternatives and impact to retail.

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Novel approach to transferable demand

We have been at the leading edge of category management technology for few years now. We help some of the world’s biggest manufacturers predict how shopper demand will transfer when products are added to or deleted from a store’s shelf. The key is deciphering a store’s unique purchase behavior.

Borrowing ideas from deep learning method, HIVERY is able to generate data from random noise (i.e. random numbers) to infer incrementality and demand transferability. It's the world’s first AI driven cannibalization model, and it drives Hivery's assortment recommendations.

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