HIVERY WorkExchange is an opportunity to experience something different

Why HIVERY and what to expect?

What is WorkExchange?


HIVERY is participating in a pilot. WorkExchange is an opportunity to work at HIVERY for one week in exchange for someone at HIVERY to work at your company. The idea is for non-competing companies to exchange their passionate and talented people who want to experience and apply their professional skills in different cultures, different problems, learn, make new connections and grow both professionally and personally. Ā  It is also an excellent way for companies to retain talent; allowing them to see how it is like working in another company, while applying and enriching their skills.

Meet some of our people

Meet Ryan Wong, software engineer & mamba mentality

Ryan Wong

The importance of keeping a healthy body, mind and how good habits during your university life will make you a competent software engineer during your work life.

Meet Luke Barnes who is one of our lead UX'ers

Luke Barnes

From pursuing architecture to building product design and software frameworks, Luke Barnes shares his insights into building Artificial Intelligence User Experience Design.

Sarah Banek on being a pirate and HIVERY culture

As the Head of People & Culture, Sarah supports the continued growth and development of the Hivery team, integrates structures in place to scale up globally and to support an autonomous, integrated, flexible working environment.

Watch videos from our HIVERIANS

Learn more about our people, values and culture

Learn more about HIVERY, our values, people and culture along with videos from our team on life@HIVERY. This will help you understand how its like being part of the WorkExchange

HIVERY WorkExchange

Are you interested in a HIVERY WorkExchange? Please complete the form and highlight the following

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  • What skills you bring?

WorkExchange are typically for up to 1 week.