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HIVERY Curate's super user-friendly platform can turn Walmart Luminate data into dynamic assortment and category decisions.

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Interactive Assortment Strategies

Turning Data into Dynamic Decisions:

Uses Walmart Luminate data to provide actionable insights.

The true power of HIVERY Curate lies in its ability to turn data into dynamic, real-time decisions. Here are a few ways it achieves this:

Maximizing Productivity of Space: As a supplier, you can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction by optimizing shelf space based on product performance in specific locations.

Efficient SKU Management: HIVERY Curate helps determine which products should be prioritized or phased out, effectively balancing inventory while minimizing churn.

Insights into Customer Behavior: Utilizing Walmart Luminate's Customer Decision Tree (CDT), HIVERY Curate provides suppliers in-depth insights into customer purchase patterns, allowing them to customize their product offerings effectively.

HIVERY Curate's integration with Walmart Luminate data is a game-changer for retail. It transforms raw data into dynamic decisions, empowering suppliers to understand their current retail environment and shape future trends.


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HIVERY is apioneer of next-generation hyper-local retail assortment strategy simulation & optimization solutions. HIVERY Curate, HIVERY's flagship offering, leverages machine learning models and store-level data to assess strategies based on real-world limitations, empowering businesses to identify and seize growth opportunities with complete transparency.

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