Learn how to get 10X ROI & streamlining your category reset process by 80%

Rapid category scenario analysis, built-in transferable demand, space & assortment aware recommendations - all at store level. Take your Joint Business Planning session to the next level.

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HIVERY Curate is transforming category management and augmenting operations with novel artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms sourced and re-engineered from Australia's national science agency - CSIRO's Data61.

HIVERY Curate can (in minutes not months):
  • Generate rapid category scenarios
  • Store-level optimization
  • Allow user to define category objectives & rules and inform our AI model
  • Prepare compliant store-level space & assortment aware planograms (POGs)
  • Ensure transferable demand & incrementality factored into any recommendation
What this means?
  • Generating 10X ROI and streamlining the reset/relay process by around 80%.

Learn more about HIVERY Curate or just see a live demo. Just complete your details on this secure form.

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