• 4 Ways AI Is Disrupting the FMCGs (In a Good Way)

    Stocking products, having promotions, and choosing the right product combinations is changing and getting FMCGs a new competitive advantage. — The number of variables that play into correctly stocking a vending machine or convenience store may come as a shock to someone outside of the industry, but those who work…

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  • Want some Beer to go with the Diapers?

    The Beer-Diaper story is an urban legend. No amount of searches on Google, I know I have done a few, will help you get to its origin. For its worth the most common version talks about how a store clerk noticed that young fathers on a late night diaper run…

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  • Confluence of AI and Music Creating New Notes

    If you’re wondering about the quality of music that AI can create, don’t. Listen to Daddy’s Girl instead and you can judge for yourself if AI can indeed make sweet music! The song is the world’s first pop song composed by an algorithm. The AI engine that created Daddy’s Girl…

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  • Augmenting Retail with AI

    Minority Report has become a favorite reference point and there’s good reason. The 2002, Tom Cruise futuristic thriller accurately predicted much of the future, only what they believe would happen in 2067 has already begun. Take the scene where Cruise steps into a mall and is inundated by…

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  • Use AI to become a better CEO

    Although, Jack Ma recently said this, it is also true that tech company CEOs have a penchant for predictions that are way off the mark. Remember IBM Chairman Thomas Watson who said in 1943 “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” “In 30 years, a robot…

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  • Image created by Google Autodraw, an AI powered drawing tool

    Show and Tell AI Style

    Show and tell used to be my favorite time in primary school. It’s the one time a geek really gets to show his fellow students his awesomeness. So, I’ve decided to take the show and tell route to bring out the power of AI and how it is changing the…

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  • AI can help my kids, and yours, learn smarter

    Comedian Jerry Seinfeld almost got it right when he famously said “a 2-year-old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it.” I happen to know it’s not just the top that’s missing but the off button as well. Seinfeld I too have three…

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  • AI and You = You 2.0

    “The real question is not whether machines think but whether men do” (B. F. Skinner) When it comes to technological advancements it would seem Skinner was right on the money. We tend to take an alarmist view, every time we are confronted with something new. Take the arrival of the…

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