• Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) allow discovering new sources of growth

    Sources of sustainable competitive advantage. — In this paper, I want to address the different types of advanced analytics and how the practical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will generate competitive advantage to companies that use it vs. companies that continue to cling to concepts and practices from the past…

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  • What is Data Empathy?

    Everything you need to know about a design thinking approach to AI Application Development. — The future is now; and the things we desire for our businesses in the future start with today’s planning and design. With 90% of world’s data created in the last 4 years, the importance of…

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  • 6 Steps to Roll Out AI in Your Company

    Get your business ready for the next industrial revolution. — AI such as Machine Learning is a comprehensive technology – you know that already. But rolling out any technology, especially a new one, can be daunting for any company of any size. There are so many moving parts, so the…

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  • Traditional Retail Merchandising and Planning Is Dead – AI Is the Next Level

    It takes machine learning seconds to accomplish what is currently taking you years. — Every square inch of your retail store can directly affect your bottom line. Which products are stocked, where they’re placed, what signage is used, and how much you charge – altogether impact whether or not you…

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  • AI Is to POS What the POS Was to Cash Registers

    Take the next step up in retail analytic technology. — For over half a century, cash registers and tills were simple machines that held cash, printed receipts, and determined change due from a purchase. These machines have now been almost fully replaced by cloud-based POS systems. The modern POS system…

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  • AI Is a Powerful Tool That Lets Workers Do the Jobs They Were Hired For

    Let AI finish the work while employees do the thinking — When artificial intelligence (AI) is mentioned in the media, it’s often a story about how machines are replacing humans. Even prominent minds like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk warn of an AI apocalypse in which we’re dominated by robots.…

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  • Design AI Applications That Instill Trust

    Trust is both abstract and complex, making it difficult to pinpoint. Familiarity and reputation are key factors in establishing trust between the user and the solution; but when a new platform is introduced to users, neither exist. As PwC pinpoints, the adoption of AI is always met with scepticism from…

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  • Data Processing Challenges and The Relationship Between Data and Models

    Data processing is a four-step procedure that will transform your business — Data processing is the cornerstone of how computers streamline business operations. Before computers, practices like bookkeeping and taking a census were entirely manual. Now we can handle hundreds of thousands of data sets per day, which allow businesses…

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  • How AI Is Augmenting Human Intelligence Moving Forward

    The dawn of collaborative intelligence is already here. AI is often given a bad rep for enabling robots to replace humans in their jobs, but that’s not really the full picture. What’s occurring is a modern industrial revolution in which machine learning and automation is disrupting every industry, the way computers…

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  • Creating AI Solutions with the AI Model in Mind First – Not Users

    Don’t start your AI project off on the wrong foot. — When designing AI solution, it’s easy to immediately get caught up in all the ways it can service your customers’ needs. Media hype about digital assistants like Alexa and Siri focus on user-facing features. So, it’s hardly any wonder…

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