How “System Mindfulness” is changing the FMCG Industry

We often think of robots and artificial intelligence in one of two ways: either mechanical robots that complete manual actions for us, like the machines you find on an assembly line, or we envision a total replacement for a human, a fully functioning being that can think, reason, and maybe feel. Current A.I. solutions are like those assembly line robots; it has one job, and it can only do that one job. The key to driving the next wave of innovation is building “System Mindfulness”.

Humans have a sixth sense called “Proprioception” or “Kinesthesis”. It is the sense of position and movement. It is produced by nerves in our muscles and connective tissues (ligaments, bone, fascia). The future is in systems of solvers communicating with each other. An example of this is the systemic video game. This video gives a great example of how developers have made it possible to have extraneous parts of a system interact with and react to each other by issuing outputs and receiving inputs. In this way, the system is actually mindful, it has “Proprioception”.

How this relates to HIVERY and our AI solutions

The video game industry is one of the few that has already tapped into and taken advantage of system mindfulness. But the options are literally endless for where this technology can be applied, and the FMCG industry is no exception. HIVERY’s vending machine analytics and other projects in development (planogram, promotions and category management), has already proven that artificial intelligence can fundamentally change the FMCG industry. Being able to digest and report data quickly is not enough, you have to understand how changes in one aspect of the business directly affect outcomes of other parts – and this is what HIVERY has done. Read more about it here.

What does mindfulness look like in Retail?

There are 3 P’s in Retail; Product, Price, and Placement. We have developed separate “solvers” to optimize each one. When these components are connected, like how the nerves in your body are connected together, the parts simultaneously and interdependently work in a “mindful” way to ensure they make the overall optimal recommendation to achieve the instructed objective. In this case, the objective of driving more profit.

We think of our solvers as muscles in the body. Each muscle can grow and get stronger, independent of the others, but they work together to achieve the objective set by the brain. In retail the objectives are set by the executives, and our products connect the muscles to the brain. We couple cutting edge algorithms (muscles) with elegant UX design (nerves) to not replace human intelligence, but to augment or amplify human intelligence.

Fundamentally, these solvers work as independent “microservices”, each of them taking in and interpreting massive amounts of data to solve a narrow question. Each service individually can grow and develop in sophistication based on the needs/objectives of the situation. By carefully connecting parts of the answers from one solver to the others a new “System Aware” solution can be derived. Even simple solvers layered in this way create sophistication and intelligence. This is the entire unique idea behind System Mindfulness, and it is what makes HIVERY technology so unique.

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