Quantify the impact of brand or category changes before you make them

Let's explore how AI can transform your brand and category strategies, while providing better outcomes for you and your retailer partners. HIVERY clients enjoy a 10x profit ROI or more.


The world’s first true store level strategy simulation & optimization solution.

HIVERY Curate leverages artificial intelligence and operations research techniques to optimize the perfect shelf and even the portfolio. By taking a bottoms-up approach to analysis, Curate users identify on average over 9% annual growth for their brands.

A fast and user-friendly Saas-based tool, combined with world-class analytical consulting support, puts the power of advanced AI into the hands of your team. With on-the-fly simulations that project the volume and dollar impact of a certain scenario at shelf, you can be confident you’re marketing and assorting the right products, in the right space, in the right store.

How do we do it?

Assortment strategy simulation & optimization solution

We ingest store-level sales and space data, then we add in your real-world constraints and objectives and our powerful AI identifies the best assortment. Even if you’re rolling up to a cluster or a portfolio, it’s a cleaner, more thorough approach. Plus we’ve automated planograms so it’s actually executable.

Industry research and insight

The Supermarket Guru view on shifts in supermarket space

Recognized as “The Supermarket Guru”, Phil Lempert is one of America’s leading consumer trend-watchers and analysts on consumer behavior, marketing trends, new products and the changing retail and supermarket landscape.

Podcast: Science of retail optimization & methods we use

Mark Lawrenson

Mark Lawrenson has graduated with honours in mathematical applications and was previously a researcher at CSIRO/Data61. In this podcast he explains the science of optimization methods; the science of finding the best alternatives from many alternatives and impact to retail.

What AI-Driven Decision Making Looks Like

Many companies have adapted to a “data-driven” approach for operational decision-making. Data can improve decisions, but it requires the right processor to get the most from it. Many people assume that processor is human.

Win or retain category captaincy. Learn how AI can help

AI can augment category management with a two-sided “Protect & Grow” strategy. In this blog, you will learn now and more

13 big retail tech trends to watch for in 2021

Forbes Technology Council share 13 retail tech trends to watch for in 2021. From AI-Based Inventory Management Systems to collaborative Analytics. See Forbes story.

Future of Category Management: What new capabilities are needed?

We often hear that the future of Consumer Packaged Goods and retail sectors begins with Artificial Intelligence (AI), but how exactly can AI shift category management.

Novel approach to transferable demand

We have been at the leading edge of category management technology for a few years now. We help some of the world’s biggest manufacturers predict how shopper demand will transfer when products are added to or deleted from a store’s shelf. The key is deciphering a store’s unique purchase behavior.

Borrowing ideas from deep learning methods, HIVERY is able to identify patterns from random noise (i.e. random numbers) to infer incrementality and demand transferability. It's the world’s first AI-driven cannibalization model, and it fuels Hivery's assortment recommendations.

Discussion & demo

Andrew Vennerstrom - HIVERY is a pioneer of hyper-local retailing and offers retail AI-driven strategy assortment simulation & optimization solutions to a growing number of CPG companies and retailers in North America.

Andrew Vennerstrom, Sales Director

Finding creative solutions to problems both big and small is a passion of mine with my north star always focused on win-win outcomes for my clients. At Hivery I am leveraging my 15 years of experience in CPG and Retail to change conventional thinking around Category Management through the use of AI. HIVERY is democratizing the power of predictive and prescriptive AI for category management professionals and brand teams.  I'd love to schedule a time to chat about your initiatives and how HIVERY can help.

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