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Rapid strategy scenario analysis, built-in transferable demand, space & assortment aware recommendations; all at store level.

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HIVERY Curate Retail

The world’s first true store-level retail strategy simulation & optimization solution.

HIVERY Curate Retail leverages artificial intelligence and operations research techniques to optimize the perfect shelf and even the portfolio. By taking a bottoms-up approach to analysis, Curate users identify on average over 5% annual growth for their brands.

A fast and user-friendly Saas-based tool, combined with world-class analytical consulting support, puts the power of advanced AI into the hands of your team. With on-the-fly strategy simulations that project the volume and dollar impact of a certain scenario at shelf, you can be confident you’re marketing and assorting the right products, in the right space, in the right store.

How do we do it?

Strategy simulation & optimization solution

We ingest store-level sales and space data, add in your real-world constraints and objectives, and our powerful AI identifies the best assortment. Even if you’re rolling up to a cluster or a portfolio, it’s a cleaner, more thorough approach. Plus, we’ve automated planograms, so it’s actually executable.

HIVERY Curate Retail incorporates your unique retail constraints, allowing you to simulate strategic scenarios with accuracy and reliability, guaranteeing executable store-specific recommendations for every cluster dimension or count, and eliminating the averages of averages approach.

Industry research and insight

HIVERY was recently named as a leading innovator in the tech industry by Forbes.

HIVERY was recently named as a leading innovator in the tech industry by Forbes.

Covering the latest innovations and trends Forbes, highlights HIVERY as a leader and provides an example of AI application in today’s retail business world.

Webinar: Simulating Merchandising Decisions with AI

Progressive Grocer’s webinar, Simulating Merchandising Decisions with AI

Today's retailers have a tremendous opportunity to create a competitive advantage by delivering locally relevant and effectively merchandised shelves with new AI approaches with simple interfaces.

HIVERY featured on Forbes - ushering in a new age of actionable insight

Artificial Intelligence Can Help Leaders Drive Global Economy Forward In 2022. HIVERY featured on Forbes.

AI-fueled tech to create elite, personalized, and efficient customer experiences that offer the right products at the right time to the right people. Machine-learning approaches like HIVERY Curate, usher in a new age of actionable insight through strategy simulations

Podcast: Using AI to simulate the impact of human judgement

With the proliferation of AI/ML capabilities in our business and lives, we are now able to get closer to understanding the impact of every decision before making that decision

HIVERY bags new money to automatically optimize product placement on store shelves

"HIVERY bags new money to automatically optimize product placement on store shelves"

HIVERY, a startup that bills itself as an “optimization platform” for retailers, today announced that it raised US$30 million in a Series B round led by Tiger Global

Win or retain category captaincy. Learn how AI can help

AI can augment category management with a two-sided “Protect & Grow” strategy. In this blog, you will learn now and more

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Adam Flemming, Sales Director

Retail & CPG leaders seek a way out of the legacy planning methodology for category assortment. Having advised enterprises for twelve years on how best to leverage the power of cloud computing, I am thrilled to join Hivery to help retailers & CPG firms transform their category assortment process using the power of AI and cloud computing.

Together, we will become faster, smarter, and more adaptive to the demands of omnichannel and macro market changes. We will return weeks to your teams so they can invest in professional and personal pursuits. Let’s talk about your needs and see how Hivery will help.

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