Reinventing the retail business with data

HIVERY was born following a big data hackathon that brought together Franki Chamaki and Jason Hosking (serial entrepreneurs coming from the Coca-Cola Founders platform) and Charles Gretton, Matthew Robards, and Menkes van den Briel (data scientists with backgrounds in Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research coming from Data61/CSIRO).

Our mantra is that “Data has a better idea”, and since our inception in 2015, HIVERY has been proving time and time again that data really does have a better idea. At the core of the HIVERY business is our technology platform, and the mantle around that is our incredibly talented team of scientists, engineers, designers and customers who bring our platform to life on a daily basis.

The HIVERY platform is an AI system built on bleeding edge technologies from machine learning. Our platform came from humble beginnings in 2014, as the basis of space and assortments experiments in dozens of vending machines in Newcastle, Australia. Since those small experiments, undertaken with our bottler partner Coca-Cola Amatil, our platform has been propelled into deployments in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. In its latest incarnation, our data-driven platform is planning optimal retail strategies around occasion, brand, package, price, and channel. It is optimizing the scheduling of promotions, and eliciting meaningful customer segments on the back of e-commerce platforms.

Just as our platform has matured and grown, so too has our team. From the initial group 5 co-founding entrepreneurs, we now employ an internationally diverse team, comprising of business development executives, architects, designers, programmers, engineers and scientists.


Make every action sensational


We shake up organisations around the world by transforming data into actions that drive profit



Relentlessly searching for better solutions and challenging the status quo

Seriously smart

Driven to make the humanly impossible possible with deep data science expertise


Committed to delivering valuable and measurable results for our clients


Dedicated to delivering intuitive human-centered solutions

Our Founders

Jason Hosking
Jason Hosking
CEO, Co-Founder

Jason loves turning ideas into reality. He drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth, and brings a wealth of experience from working with all types of businesses around the globe. Jason has a rare ability to drive clarity when surrounded by uncertainty.

Franki Chamaki
Franki Chamaki
COO, Co-founder

Franki has been involved with several early stage startups. A self-styled “professional geek”, Franki built a better mousetrap as a child to simple medical devices. Now he wants to help companies become better by applying an experimental mindset to solve operational problems.

Matthew Robards
Matthew Robards
Data Scientist, Co-Founder

Matthew has a PhD in machine learning, and is passionate about all things AI. He is driven to use this to remove the human bias from business decision making. Matthew also has near genius like ability to present technical ideas to a non-technical audience.

Menkes van den Briel
Menkes van den Briel
Data Scientist, Co-Founder

Menkes is an operations research specialist whose work was cited on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and in numerous other media. He has a creative eye for mathematical problem solving and is always looking for a golden needle in a haystack of data.

Charles Gretton
Charles Gretton
Data Scientist, Co-Founder

Dr Gretton specializes in data-driven systems that optimize. As a scientist, he works in a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence called Automated Planning. Coffee gets him going and family keeps him grounded. If you’re going to say “impossible” to Dr Gretton you better bring proof.

Our Partners

Coca-cola founders

As part of Coca-Cola’s Founders Platform, HIVERY has deep connections with the company. The Founders Platform’s aim is to help global entrepreneurs with their businesses while solving some of Coca-Cola’s challenges.

Coca-cola amatil

HIVERY’s founding customer and strategic partner, CCA now manages its 25,000 vending machines using HIVERY’s Vending Analytics software

Data 61 – CSIRO

Data61 is Hivery’s technology and research partner. Bringing together the Digital Productivity team of CSIRO and National ICT Australia (NICTA), they are unrivalled in their intellectual capital and the largest data innovation group in Australia.