Optimizes Vending Machines

Using AI to maximize returns from machines

Vending Analytics uses your data and our powerful AI-driven engine to help you achieve the optimum mix of product, space and price for each of your machines in your fleet. It factors only a few data variables to make recommendations that maximize profit.

15% Increase

in sales revenue

18% Reduction
in restock costs

Designed to grow profits

Vending Analytics is a simple-to-use cloud-based vending intelligence
software. Sitting above your existing vending machine management
system, our software generates recommendations on how to optimize
individual vending machines to maximize sales and minimize stock outs.

You get a ROI within six weeks of implementing our AI-driven



prescriptive analytics tools

Space-to-Sales Optimizer

Optimizes space-to-sales to maximize efficiency and reduce operating costs

Targeted Product Recommender

Recommends the right mix of products for individual vending machines to maximize revenue.

What if scenario planner

Real-time predictive assessment to analyze the impact of potential portfolio changes

Opportunity finder

Maximizes profits by identifying opportunities across your entire vending machine fleet

Business Snapshot

Review your key performance indicators (e.g. days cover, velocity, fill ratio) at a glance

Easy to Use

Our simple graphical user interface makes it easy for anyone to harness the power of data science

Fully customizable

All companies have different needs and business objectives. Vending Analytics is designed to be fully customizable to your vending goals, from driving fill ratios to getting right product mix. 

The value we create

Here is a real example of vending analytics in action. Names and labels have been changed for privacy but with just 3 clicks this vending machine has gone from $0pa additional benefit to $2,220pa using HIVERY’s Retail Genome.